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sm_lisam6As a businesswoman, I wear many hats and in doing so, it’s important to manage my energy.  I wasn’t even sure what that meant before I started working with Kelle over 6 years ago.  What I did know is that I was under incredible pressure and stress and I knew there had to be a better way. I was also highly sensitive to the energy of others and that would impact me in many ways (i.e. taking on others negative energy that wasn’t my own and more). By learning simple techniques to understand, manage and center my energy, I’ve enjoyed greater success, peace of mind, clarity and deep soul satisfaction that helps me perform better in all areas of my life. Kelle is a true asset to women who instinctively know there is more they need to learn about their own energy and are looking for a way to manage it.  As I continue to grow and evolve in my business, I’m doing more speaking and training and Kelle’s techniques help me manage my energy as well as the energy of the room. I understand to some this may sound strange but to those of you who understand and are moving into your big vision, Kelle is a go-to resource maintaining your energy in the spotlight. I highly recommend her meditation techniques and more.

Lisa Manyon, “The Business Marketing Architect” and Founder,

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FullSizeRenderI chose the Tree of Life Program because I do believe in a higher power and higher personal purpose. It gets me out of bed in the morning, believing that I can make some kind of impact in the bigger picture. And I thrive by learning laws and principles and practicing them. With Kelle’s teaching, I learned personal and professional boundaries and I got out of the situations that drained me that I believed were necessary to have relationships and a career. I needed someone to teach me how to value my energy and life and build my own structures so that I could be creative- and prosper from it. The work has to start within, and when I changed myself, my surroundings changed- drastically. As far as investment goes, considering my initial $2000 has now lead to practices that have increased my income and paid off the crazy amount of student debt - FAST - those are exponential dividends that worked in my favor and continue to support me. So full credit for my personal and professional transformation goes to Kelle’s amazing program.

Andrea Eastin, MFA, Designer and Founder,